Friday, August 23, 2019

Update on the OSKA Pulse device!

UPDATE: Recently, I tried using a new medical device, called the OSKA Pulse, that has been tried by many who share my condition, or something very similar to it. Although not everyone has experienced the same degree of success, there are many individual testimonials to the effectiveness of the device to relieve pain. While few experience total pain relief, several report the severity of their pain decreasing to a "2" or "3" on a 10-point scale, where "zero" means "no pain at all," and a "10" is "the worst pain imaginable" where speaking or even breathing can be difficult.

Once again, I was blessed to have a combination of former students, colleagues, and friends contribute money to cover the $400+ cost of the device. Unfortunately, the device did NOT have the effect for which I had hoped. Meanwhile, I am always listening and reading... hoping the "next big thing" might make the difference!

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers!